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Today Tuesday Tunes is all about my favorite openings of the 2015 Summer Season! What surprised me most was that two ecchi openings somehow made it on this list (something I didn’t anticipate, lol!) I’m ranking my favorites by taking in account both the music and the animation, along with how much excitement or love the opening gets from me in response for the show in question.

Like always, honorable mentions come first (and like this past Spring, there are two of them again!)

Runner Up: Miss Monochrome The Animation 2. Miss Monochrome’s second season actually got a opening this time! This show is easily one of my most favorite shorts ever, and since the show is about an android attempting to become an idol, it is perfection that we actually get to see her perform a number as an opening! It’s quite catchy and shows off her robotic vocals well!

Runner Up: Monster Musume. So this show is about a harem full of monster girls, so of course the animation shows off their unique bods XD. I really like the song itself because it’s pounding and engaging. Plus, each girl’s voice actress actually sings a part of the song when they’re featured in the video, which is super cool! (You are warned: this is ecchi. XD )

Third Place: Prison School. This opening slowly climbed its way into my favorites during the last three months. While Prison School is just about my favorite show ever, I didn’t fully dig the song till maybe two or three weeks ago. Its intense and pounding, just like the show and it’s actually kinda fun to sing along! “JUDGE. PRISON. BREAKOUT.” XD (You are warned again: here’s the other ecchi one. XD )

Second Place: Charlotte. Dear Lord this opening is amazing. Between the stunning visuals and enchanting song (that goes creepily haunting around the 50 second mark) this song quickly stole my heart and imagination in about a week or two after the show began. The animation stays in perfect sync to the song…and everything is just so beautiful!

First Place: Gangsta. Turn those speakers up!! From the first moment the show began, Gangsta’s opening jumped to first place and has remained unchallenged for the entire season. The song is addictive techno, while the unique color schemes mixed with awesomely display that amazing cast of characters. I’ve rewatched this opening so many times: its memorable, catchy, addictive, and visually unique! Will easily be my second favorite opening of the year (right after Death Parade’s!)

What were your favorite Summer openings?


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  1. Agh, I haven’t seen any of these! But what a strong end, that Gangsta song got me groovin’. Let’s see, what was my favorite summer OP? Hmm, I only watched Food Wars and Arslan, as they carried over, so do those count? I love all of their OPs and EDs.
    Also, Charlotte looks so beautiful. You’ll have to make a review of it and give me your thoughts so I’ll know whether I should watch it or not 🙂


    1. Jamie says:

      Gangsta’s been my summer theme! XD
      Yes, those count! I liked Arslan’s ED, the animation was so pretty and bright!
      I’m planning on summing up my thoughts on ALL the summer anime I watched (some I might review in more detail too) so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that!
      I really liked Charlotte–it had a kind of a “genre” shift in the middle, which made it feel like two stories instead of one, but I still liked it! 🙂

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  2. ladyelasa says:

    These are cool. I haven’t see any of these animes but i especially like the themes for Miss Monochrome, Charlotte, and Gangsta. ^ ^


    Liked by 1 person

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