Jamie’s Summer 2015 Star Ratings: Part 1

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I survived another season! Huzzah!

I had so much fun this anime summer; I just want everyone to know that up front because I SERIOUSLY HAD SO MUCH FUN.  I watched 18 shows front to back (please don’t ask me how, a magician’s secrets are sacred) along with 5 shorts! What a great diverse selection of genres I got. Here we are, though, at the season’s end and it’s time to for final impressions.  We’re going to start from my top favorite and work our way down!

I’m going to make this statement because its my disclaimer if you’re not happy with my ratings at the end: I AM NO CRITIC. XD My star ratings are based off a broad mixture of things, from how the show was presented, to its characters, to my personal feelings, and the personal entertainment value I found in it. I tend to be a touch more generous than general critic because you really can’t put a number on a personal experience. 😛

Let’s get started!

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My Love Story!!/Ore Monogatari!!: ANIME OF THE YEAR. ANIME. OF. THE. YEAR. I’ve never seen such a genuine, innocent, solid piece of pink, cotton candy, romantic-comedy EVER. With a beautiful relationship established in episode three, I got twenty-one more episodes of a boy and a girl’s first year as a couple WHICH IS ALL I’VE EVER WANTED IN A ROMANCE. I’ve also lost count of the many times I broke into tears just from emotional connection I felt for Takeo and Yamato and Suna and their journeys. I can’t recommend this more highly! 5/5 Stars. Review guaranteed.

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Prison School: Oh, this glorious show–when I saw the promo poster for it I thought, ugh, how could this be any good. But Prison School proved itself worthy my attention and love almost immediately. What tension! What plot twists! What character development! What intense animation! What wonderful entertainment! Despite its extreme fanservice, Prison School definitely earned its way to the top of my list! Plus, I got ridiculously attached to its male characters, especially Gakuto, who will be one of my top characters of the entire year! Just… it was so insane…but so much fun! 5/5 stars. Review guaranteed.

Screenshot (13844)

School-Live!/Gakkou Gurashi!: Wow. Just, wow. *standing ovation* I found Gakkou Gurashi! to be ridiculously solid, smart, emotionally sound, and entertaining all at the same time! If the show had taken place on a bigger scale, I think it would be heralded the new Madoka Magica. Psychological damage mixed with contrasting cute moe and an apocalyptic setting created a brilliant narrative about girls who watch out for each, which I just loved. Plus it had one of the summer’s most satisfying conclusions! Please, please, please, if you missed this show, do give its first episode a fair try! PLEASE. 5/5 stars.

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Food Wars/Shokugeki no Souma: Omg, best show ever. Seriously, everything about shounen battles and competition is able to shine brilliantly in this high-speed cooking action drama. I loved everything about this one, from the characters and character dynamics to the cooking battles and demonstrated power of taste, presentation, and smell of food. There was almost never a boring moment in Food Wars’ 24 episodes! Plus, Soma is one of the greatest shounen leads ever; you can’t convincing me otherwise! 5/5 stars. Review guaranteed.

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Non Non Biyori Repeat: What an awesome sequel to an awesome slice-of-life anime. I’m SO GLAD I caught up with the first season to get a dose of this adorable, comedic show each week. Country life has never looked so appealing and healing to the soul as it did here. The cast of girls in different settings made for excellent, simple stories and funny dialogue exchanges; this show has a brilliant sense of comedy that is just a pure delight to watch. I HIGHLY recommend watching these two seasons if you’re looking for a reliable, relaxing, hysterical slice of life anime to ease your busy mind! 5/5 stars for excellent comedic timing and realistic dialogue for characters’ ages, adorable but sound characters, and because Renge is the cutest first grader ever.

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Gangsta: DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO SAY THIS IS MY NUMBER ONE OF THE SEASON? Gangsta’s story just stops at its season finale…it all built to a cliffhanger, and since its studio has gone bankrupt we will probably never seen a continuation (unless you read the manga, which I’m planning to do.) However, despite the animation suffering and the overall lack of a decent ending, I’m rating this more highly than a lot people will just because of those characters. LOVED THEM. Plus, I got A LOT of entertainment out of this show throughout the summer, even though it fell part during the end. Watch at your own risk, but I have no regrets. 4.5/5 stars for EXCEPTIONAL and DIVERSE character cast and development, show-vs-tell story telling, and amazing first half. Review guaranteed.

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GATE: Oh my, how I enjoyed GATE. I’ve been ignoring the controversy over its military themes because its been nothing but entertaining and unique for me. What an awesome idea, to take a modern military world and thrust it into a fantasy world, with a fun harem mixed into political tactics, modern weaponry, and magic. I loved the lead character Itami because he managed to be both your typical otaku AND a competent military man. And the girls he was with were all great! I’m really looking forward to seeing this story continue next Winter! 4.5/5 stars for fun characters, engaging plot, and modern military elements meeting a fantasy world. Review guaranteed after completion.


This ends Part One. XD Basically, these are my top shows of the Summer Season and I highly recommend them all–depending on your own tastes, of course (because not everyone will want to try Prison School, and a lot of people would be smart to think before starting a show that has no ending, like Gangsta.) 

So, what’s up with you! Have you seen these? What did you think of them if you have? If you haven’t, which of these strike your interest now? I loved to hear your thoughts!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. insightblue says:

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN WITH GANGSTA!! I wanted so badly for this show to end well…and it did pretty much the complete opposite. It’s so hard for me to be angry though because it brought Nicholas into my life. Oh, Nico, I love you. And everyone else.

    And Soma is awesome too! I agree that he is an amazing shounen lead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      YES. YES. YES.I know what you mean, I would be mad, but I’m just so happy and grateful it was a way to meet those characters! ESPECIALLY NICOLAS. ❤ ❤ ❤ XD
      YEESSS Soma is so cool! I can't wait to see him climb to the top of the school! 😀


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