Jamie’s Summer 2015 Star Ratings: Part 2

Goodness, there’s no time for me to dilly dally, guys! If I wait too long on these the Fall Season is going to swallow me alive before I know it. So, let’s pick up on my final impressions of Summer 2015; if you missed it, you can first read Part 1 here to see my top seven shows of the season. I’m going to continue on down my list with number 8, Charlotte!

Screenshot (13473)

Charlotte: There were so many GREAT moments in this story, with several amazing plot twists that blew my mind. It featured a great cast, with a great lead who received some excellent development and exploration. And this was one of the most beautifully animated shows of the season. However, it did feel a little rushed towards the end and the story’s tonal shift in the middle, though really enjoyable, made it feel a tad disjointed to me on a whole. For now, I’m definitely going to rate it higher than lower simply because I really did love this story, and it made me want to see what Angel Beats is all about.  4.5/5 stars for emotional depth, interesting superpower story, most adorable little sister character ever, gorgeous animation, plot twists.

Screenshot (13982)

Himouto! Umura-chan: This show isn’t anything out of this world, but I loved it! It ended up being one of the most dependable shows of the season and became quite endearing. Spoiled, adorable Umura-chan physically transitioning between her “perfect high school” form and her otaku chibi true-self could have gotten tiring quickly but the show kept things fresh and fun. Umura-chan’s interactions with her poor long-suffering brother also managed to be sweet, and saved the show from becoming annoying. Overall, fun characters, fun stories, fun show! 4/5 stars for some really fun episodes, Jekyl/Hyde-meets-cutie-otaku concept, sweet older brother, and consistent, endearing fun.

Screenshot (13545)

Miss Monochrome The Animation Season 2: This is one of the best shorts ever! The continuation of android Miss Monochrome’s determination to make herself a famous idol was perfect; even the filler episodes were ridiculously fun. Miss Monochrome herself was given more dimension this season as she evolved a sarcastic sense of humor, and the new characters were excellent additions. Thankfully the show is already airing its third season, so I don’t have to whine about it being over.  4/5 stars for just being so much family friendly fun and incredibly pleasant to watch. Will review when completed.

Screenshot (13955)

Wakaba*Girl: This short was SO DARN KAWAII. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT FOR ME. I looked forward to this very highly each week, got a lot of giggles and “ohhhhh so cute!” feels from it. The character Wakaba-chan was incredibly endearing and funny, being a naïve rich girl wanting good friends and the chance to experience “normal things” like buying junk food. XD This short accomplished its goal of being super cute while not loosing its sense of heart! Loved it! 4/5 stars for BEING SO STUPID CUTE, likable girl cast, great jokes, a sweet caramel heart in the middle, and SO MUCH PINK.

Screenshot (737)

Makura no Danshi: DON’T JUDGE ME, I GOT A KICK OUT OF THIS SHORT. It was so weird– sometimes disturbing–but always fun to laugh at; an experience to say the least! This show truly executed fanservice for females very well: boys with their clothes on BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL TO JUST TALK TO ME. XD This whole short was about selling 11 personalities, and it WAS A HOOT TO WATCH. For the record, my favorite was Food Stall Danshi. XD 4/5 stars for those wtf moments, some “fanservice” for girls at last, really fun to laugh at, and several surprisingly likable characters featured.

Screenshot (13495)

Braves of the Six Flowers/Rokka no Yuusha: So…the feeling I’m left with a couple of weeks after this finale is…. “meh”. While airing, this was definitely one of the better shows of the season–it was originally very high on my list because it was a classic mystery in which we had to figure out which of the seven characters was “the Seventh”. The show itself had a unique setting and some really enjoyable characters, but the second half of the finale was very odd, and the show overall didn’t leave a huge impression. At least I enjoyed the ride while I was on it. 4/5 stars for fresh character dynamics, intriguing smart mystery, unique South American setting and designs, and a great soundtrack.

Screenshot (755)

Everyday Life with Monster Girls/Monster Musume: I don’t know how I watched an entire ecchi harem. I think the thing that kept me coming back was the monster girls themselves–as a fantasy lover, it was fun to watch the girls and their behavior and design. While the ecchi-ness was sometimes a bit much for me, by the finale I was fully enjoying my 20 minutes with Darling and the Monster Girls. For an ecchi, it was more interesting than it might have been without the monster element. (I won’t be writing a review, but this one pretty much sums up my thoughts.) 4/5 stars for monster girls being monster girls, actually enjoyable  for a ecchi harem, a few good laughs, Cerea and Suu were standout characters! 

Screenshot (13652)

Actually, I Am…/Jitsu wa Watashi wa…: This turned out to be a nice high school harem anime, not super memorable, but enjoyable. I loved the supernatural monster elements: Shiragami is probably the only cute “harmless” vampire I’ve actually truly liked (I like my vampires menacing, not cutesy, but she pulled it off!) I especially liked the animation, which was quirky and colorful. While this show wound up not being anything out of the ordinary, I did enjoy it quite a lot! ❤ 3.5/5 stars for fun character designs, harmless harem with high school monster girls, sweet romance, decent comedy.


Well, I’m going to stop here and continue on in a final part soon. Did you watch any of these shows? Were you surprised by anything, or possibly disappointed? What did you think of Charlotte? I’m still a little torn over that one myself.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. insightblue says:

    I loved Charlotte. It definitely had its problems, but overall I really enjoyed it. And it was so beautiful!

    Ugh Rokka…This was one of my favorites, but the last ten minutes ruined it for me! WHY did they have to throw that extra character in there?? It undid the sense of accomplishment of finally finding out who the extra Brave was. If we were getting a second season, I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t think we are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Charlotte definitely was beautiful!! And I cried at least two times watching it! ❤

      I FEEL THE ROKKA PAIN. I don't understand what they were thinking about that ending. *headdesk* Such a shame, especially since Adlet and Flemie and Hans were really great characters! 😦


  2. kurosama238 says:

    Makura no Danshi was absolutely fantastic <3! My guilty pleasure is to re-watch the work senpai and the food stall guys 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      YAY another fan!!! *high fives* LOL that’s awesome! XD Food Stall guy was definitely my favorite: Work Senpai freaked me out for awhile but after the twins he seemed really mellow and nice in comparison. XD

      Liked by 1 person

    2. kurosama238 says:

      Haha! Loved Food Stall guy and his Shoujo manga! The twins were so creepy, I didn’t end up finishing the episode >_<!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Jamie says:

      LOL omg I was gaping in horror through that twin episode, and then screaming for holy water. XD The Food Stall guy though; hysterical, self-aware, adorable, relatable…perfection. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    4. kurosama238 says:

      Bwhahaha! I know it was crazy! Even when I turned the screen off I still felt a shiver go up my spine
      Food stall guy is such a cutie ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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