Jamie’s Summer 2015 Star Ratings: Final Part

Tonight I’m wrapping up my Summer recap and my star ratings (here’s Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them!) About time too. XD We’ll then have to see which show gets the first review. 😀
Screenshot (13634)

Snow White With the Red Hair: How do I say this so that it doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on the show…. by the finale, I found this pretty forgettable. NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG, it’s a beautiful shoujo: wonderful animation, sweet characters, fantastic fairy-tale feel, sweet romance. Technically, this show is pretty solid. Personally, however, I found myself forgetting the characters and the anime’s events after several days: Seriously, I was clueless coming back a week later trying to remember “what the heck happened last?” I’m looking forward to the second season, but…I hope I remember it better. 3.5/5 stars for stunning animation and composition, a progressive romance, gorgeous soundtrack.

Screenshot (864)

Sore ga Seiyuu!: This show was actually a nice surprise! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in voice acting and the struggles it can bring. One of my favorite parts about each episode was that a very famous Japanese voice actor came in and played themselves interacting with one of our young voice actresses on the job. That was pretty awesome! Overall, the production value of this show is pretty average, with some average animation and design, but the voice acting was really cool and I found it worth the watch! 3.5/5 stars for the genuine look at the hardships and joys of voice acting, sweet characters, awesome cameos by voice actors, fun music. Review guaranteed. 

Screenshot (13817)

Overlord: On an overall scale, I didn’t enjoy Overlord as much as I’d hoped. The show felt pretty disjointed at certain sections and at the end a lot of it didn’t feel cohesive to me. Which is a shame, because there was a lot of great elements present, along with several fantastic episodes. I loved the lead character Momonga-sama, who was basically a likable, overpowered villain. XD His non player character teammates had potential but were underused. 😦 I did love Momonga-sama’s right hand lady, Albedo. Favorite character design! Overall….wish I felt more strongly about this one than I do. 3.5/5 stars for several entertaining episodes, Albedo and Momonga-sama made an awesome unofficial “power couple”, game/battle elements were always interesting.

Screenshot (13541)

Wakako-zake: I ended up quite liking this short, despite it barely being two minutes long per episodes. There was just something relaxing about following this 26-year-old into different little eateries and hearing her thoughts on the food (and sake XD ) that she decided to order. The animation quality was pretty low, but it got the job. As I’ve said before, I saw a possible future version of myself in Wakako–I will literally be her at 26 if I’m not married and settled down somewhere in five years. XD 3/5 stars for relatable lead girl, fun food commentary, so much sake drinking I don’t know how she left those places sober lol.

Screenshot (867)

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace: This was supposed to be end up in my ten shows of the summer but it just didn’t meet expectations. While the characters weren’t anything super special, this show really dove into the morbid minds of humanity (it got quite dark several times, which was awesome) and I love it when shows do that. It was more about the theatric mind than of solving mysteries, but not only was that hard to put your finger on, the mysteries present were pretty un-engaging. Mixed with blander characters, the only thing going for this show was its awesome presentation…but that’s not enough to keep its butt in the top ten. 3/5 stars for unique presentation, a few enjoyable episodes, refreshing change of pace with dark thematic elements. (Watch this if you saw the show and didn’t get it; it helps a tad.)

Screenshot (13271)

Danchigai: This was a cute short about a brother who lived with his four sisters. It was pretty simple, just a few enjoyable minutes of “coping with sisters” every Thursday. While some things felt pretty odd, there were several endearing episodes that really captured what living with sisters are like–I loved the moment when the little sister put ten thousand clips in her brother’s hair: A+ representation of little sisters! Overall, nothing special, but nothing awful either. XD 3/5 stars for cute sisters, some really relatable moments, a few moments of good humor.

Screenshot (13312)

Aoharu x Kikanjuu: I lightly enjoyed this for the first eight episodes. We had funny character interactions, a girl pretending to be a boy–“Ouran High School” fashion–and intense survival battles that gave me nostalgia for when I used to play Cops and Robbers with my best friends. I was especially looking forward to the girl confessing to the guys her actual sex, especially when the last episodes hammered on it so much. But then… it didn’t happen. And yes, I am still mad several weeks later. Disappointed to say the least. 2.5/5 stars for too much “reveal” teasing, rather anti-climatic resolution to mid-point climax, frustrating “trap” character.


Screenshot (14141)Castle Town Dandelion: 9/12 episodes. This show was actually really cute; it had a great big cast of siblings who were competing to be king, all equipped with fun superpowers that were interesting to watch. I didn’t finish it because the show stalled, then released two episodes at once and I wasn’t motivated enough to finish it at the time. Someday I’ll go finish it though, for sure! 🙂

God-Eater-3-Img026God Eater: 5/9 episodes. This had potential; I found it entertaining and the animation was wonderful to watch. Sadly the show was so inconsistent when it came to releasing its episodes that it got frustrating to keep up with. When it returns in Winter 2016 I will repick it up again and see if its easier to keep up with. I did enjoy this, though, I liked the animation quite a bit.

Gatchaman Crowds insightGatchaman Crowds Insight: 3/12 episodes complete. I HAD ALL GOOD INTENTIONS TO WATCH THIS THIS SEASON. I caught up with the first season and absolutely loved it. Somehow, I fell behind and wasn’t able to catch up with it. I’m quite curious to pick it up again, though, as I’ve heard interesting reactions to it. Plus, who doesn’t love these characters, they’re so awesome! 😀

I Dropped These:

Ultimate Otaku Teacher (13/24 episodes. I didn’t need more.) || Million Doll (7/11 episodes) || Venus Project || Classroom Crisis || Chaos Dragon || Ushio to Torra (4/ongoing. Not my cup of tea, might revisit someday tho.)

Screenshot (872)

I really enjoyed this summer, guys!

There were some fantastic stories I won’t forget soon. Like Takeo’s beautiful love story in Ore Monogatari, the fiery and fantastic cooking school of Food Wars, and Yuki-chan’s mental journey in her zombie infested school in Gakkou Gurrashi!. There are characters I won’t quickly forget either, like Nicolas Brown and Alex from Gangsta, Kiyoshi and Gakuto from Prison School, Momonga-sama and Albedo from Overlord, and Suu the Slime Girl from Monster Musume. So, thank you for the memories, Summer 2015!

What about you? What stories or characters are walking away with you from this Summer? Any regrets? How do your favorites compare to mine? Who’s looking forward to Gate and Snow White’s future continuations?



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