My Latest Merch Purchases!


I did some online anime merch shopping last month, and my things have finally come in within the past couple weeks. I thought it would be fun to document them and share a little about each one. ❤

We’ll start of with my Gangsta. mini wall scroll!

IMG_4165Despite the show stopping in a terribly place with growing inconsistency, I flipping loved the three lead characters Nicolas, Worrick, and Alex. So, so very much. So when I saw this I just knew I had to get it. I love how classy they all look! Now they keep it classy next to my white board. 😀 😀 😀

Let me next introduced the Blood Blockade Battlefront promo poster!

IMG_4126While I DEARLY loved BBB, I actually bought this promo picture not for the show but for more personal reasons. The characters Klaus and Stephen Starphase have become vague models for two very dear characters of mine, characters who’s story I’ve written for years. One day I realized, hey–I’ll buy a poster of them and I’ll get my actual characters on my wall, PLUS I can say I have BBB merch! So there we go. 😀

And finally….you won’t believe it, but I bought a Prison School promo poster. XD

IMG_4184THERE THEY ARE, RIGHT BESIDE MY DESK: Andre, Joe, Gakuto, Shingo, and Kiyoshi! When I started Prison School I did not think I would grow to love the show or its male leads as much as I have…but here I am with a poster of them. What an intense, hysterical summer they gave me, and I felt like I was a “one of the guys” while watching it. And now they keep me company at my desk, all dressed up and looking like they’re a freaking host club. XD Love you boys! (Though most specifically you, Gakuto! 😉 )

I probably won’t be buying anything else anime related to around or after Christmas, but these posters were pretty special purchases, so I’ll be alright. XD

Do you have any anime posters? What’s an anime poster you’d like to get? Why?



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  1. kurosama238 says:

    Ooh those are some amazing finds <3! I've got the Straw Hat wanted poster series and a few Kuroshitsuji posters, would absolutely love to get a Princess Jellyfish poster or some Miyazaki ones.

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    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you! 😀 Oooh you’re posters sound awesome! AND I AGREE 100 PERCENT, I NEED A PRINCESS JELLYFISH POSTER. Its my favorite anime, I’m so happy someone else likes it enough to want a poster! >.< Awww yeah, Miyazaki posters would be amazing, many of them are so gorgeous. If I got one I'd probably want to frame it, lol. XD

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    2. kurosama238 says:

      The Princess Jellyfish posters would be so adorable! Also would do anything for a little jellyfish plushie.

      Definitely, framed posters look fantastic! My friend was really into Inuyasha and some prints professionally framed and they looked so good!

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  2. I like the background on that mini wall scroll! I have two large ones that I have on “rotation” depending on my mood: One for SAO and another for the second PMMM movie. I also have some convention art and a couple that I have done myself ^.^

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    1. Jamie says:

      Oooh that sounds awesome! I’d love a PMMM poster! ❤ *gasp* You draw?! That's fantastic! I can't draw to save my life. 😦 Sounds cool!

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  3. ladyelasa says:

    Ooo! These are some neat finds! I need to get a wall scroll. XD It’s on my to-buy list. Gosh I’ve gotten so many posters it’s not even funny. I have an Attack on Titan poster, a Kingdom Hearts Poster, an Avengers poster, three Hunger Games posters, a Skyward Sword poster, and a Twilight Princess poster.

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    1. Jamie says:

      I have an Attack on Titan poster too! XD I know right, posters are awesome but I have to slowly retire some because I keep buying more. XD I still have my Loki, Sherlock, and Winter Soldier posters up though. YES while the wall scrolls are expensive, if you find one you REALLY love then it’s totally worth it! I have a large, really nice one for Kuroko’s Basketball and its the best thing ever. ❤

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    2. ladyelasa says:

      I’ve had to retire some too haha. I have a Sword Art Online one I’ve been wanting for a long time I may buy sometime soon lol.

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