Tuesday Tunes || Assorted Vol 1



I thought it would be fun today to share tracks from several different anime shows! Since I check out many OSTs, I sometimes I only find one or two tracks from certain soundtracks that I really like. This version of the series is a way to share those single tracks together!

I’m sharing about five tracks of music today; I also want to see what types of emotions or vibes I can bring together in a single post! I know National Novel Writing Month is coming, and I want to throw out some fresh inspiration to any of my fellow writers out there looking for new music. 🙂

Porco Rosso: Madness-Flight. This track from the underrated Studio Ghibli film Porco Rosso is such a fun adventure to listen to! It opens up with a hint danger, followed by some playful piano keys. Strings keep the tension steady as different instruments play the theme. The tension and the playful tune take turns throughout the song, creating a fast-paced, urgent, yet enjoyable piece that flows and takes you an adventure in the skies!

Akira: Kaneda’s Theme. As a rule, I LOVE anything with a lot of percussion…so there was a lot of fangirl drooling when I stumbled over this track. It’s pretty much all tribal-like percussion which is really engaging to listen to. The vocals joining at the end adds a great dimension as well!

Love Hina: Hinata Inn Theme. This has got to be one of the purest yet richest pieces of orchestral work I’ve heard from an anime! It has a wonderful slice-of-life feel that’s not afraid to puncture the sound to create lofty, almost regal sounding melodies and atmospheres. All the different instruments play off each other well and create just a peaceful, energizing piece of happiness! (I love this so much, I listened to it on repeat the other day while watching the rain from my patio. It was amazing.)

Sunday Without God: Lost World. What an desolate, eerie, sad song this is, but I love it! Amazingly, as quiet and empty as it sounds at the beginning, the track is able to gradual build to a fuller, deeper song without loosing its element of sadness and tragedy. I love the tinkling melody that ushers the song in at the beginning and then out at the end. Very gorgeous, very reflective.

Kantai Collections-Kan Colle: Guardian Office of Autumn Festival. This specific video is a ten minute loop of a perky yet delicate track. It’s so sweet and upbeat with some wonderful Asian influences throughout. I think it’s really pretty; it really tickles my ears to hear all the instruments and sounds.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the first “volume” or round of my assorted tracks for Tuesday Tunes! This will be fun to do again sometime! What track was your favorite?

Need more awesome anime music? Listen to past Tuesday Tunes highlights here on the YouTube playlist.



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  1. Ooh, more lovely tunes. I especially enjoyed that bit from Porco Rosso, which is strange because I’ve never seen it yet feel like I’ve heard that one somewhere else. We also need more songs like that inn theme, my lands! That’s everything I want to do in a summer condensed into one light and bustling piece. Thanks for sharing once again!

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    1. Jamie says:

      How have you not seen Porco Rosso yet?! It is one of my favorite Ghibli films!! XD I’m glad you liked its soundtrack though, I love it! YESSSS about Hina Love! I need to find the rest of the soundtrack and give it a listen too. XD

      You’re welcome, thank you for always commenting! I look forward to your thoughts each week! ❤


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  2. ladyelasa says:

    I love these selections, especially the last and second to last pieces! Just lovely. ^ ^ I’m saving those two for my YouTube playlists. Also I haven’t heard of Porco Russo. Is that a good Studio Ghibli film?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Yes, I really like those too! Ooooh yes, Porco Rosso is so good; its one of my very favorite Ghibli films and my little brother adores it too! Definitely worth the watch. Here’s my review of it if you’re interested in knowing more about it! 😀


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    2. ladyelasa says:

      Oh cool. Thank you. ^ ^

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