Shorts of Fall 2015: First Impressions

The Fall Season has been in swing about three weeks now and while I’m still undecided on a few of the regular shows, I’m going to keep up with many of the shorts! There are actually a ton of shorts this season and I’ve only dropped a couple. I’ll be going through these in alphabetical order for this post but I’ll be sure to highlight the ones worth watching!

Screenshot (1314)

Ani Tore! EX: So this is short features a new girl each episode breaking the fourth wall to show a couple of exercises. This sounds like last season’s Makura No Danshi but the “creepy” element is toned way down and seems simply “cutesy”. I attempted doing push ups with the one girl (BECAUSE WHY NOT, DON’T JUDGE ME XD ) but I failed miserably. Darn these adorable girls making exercise look easy. XD

Screenshot (1168)

Magical Somera-chan: Wow this show is on crack in the best way possible and you all should be watching it! It’s hysterical, self-aware, a little brutal, and just buckets of fun for only being three or four minutes long. The wackiest things happen each episode and I’ve yet to be disappointed! A must-watch!

Screenshot (844)

Hacka Doll The Animation: This is decent fun for a short, not amazing but not so bad it’s worth dropping. The AI girls seem to help someone new each episode in their cutesy ways, it seems hit or miss to me. However, they’re very adorable, so I don’t have a problem watching this each week. 😀

Screenshot (1329)

Kagewani: Oh my gosh, you guys, this is amazing. It’s a horror anime, with a scientist appearing when different monsters or creatures pop up and cause havoc. Each short has been fantastic, delivering great suspense and interesting twists! While the animation is quite different and might seem cheap, I find that it actually aids to the show’s atmosphere! Another must-watch from this season!

Screenshot (1321)

Komori-san Can’t Decline: This is literally about a middle school girl who metaphorically can’t say no. She says yes to helping everyone and it can become bothersome. XD Not too much happens because it’s pretty short but I like the characters and the premise keeps me interested. Just…why must Komori-san’s boobs be so lively….why….why…why… *is haunted for eternity*

Screenshot (1325)

Kowabon: Oh my, it’s another horror short! This one is not as suspenseful as Kagewani, but it’s very intriguing to watch as the animation is built on top of live action footage! This makes the individual horror stories kinda creepy because things have a very “realism” sense to them, which is neat. I like it!

Screenshot (850)

Miss Monochrome 3: HUZZAH. The adventures of the idol-wannabe android Miss Monochrome continues and remains solidly fun and fantastic! This girl is so adorable, and the filler episodes of this show are pure gold. As always, I highly recommend this show to anyone! It’s a must-watch!

Screenshot (1332)

Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan: This short follows a lolli hot springs spirit and her interactions with the people who are around the bathhouse. This is a pretty cute, and while not much happens each episode, I like the little girl and its something nice to watch on Sundays. XD

Screenshot (1137)

Tantei Team KZ: Jiken Note: I love this short; while its full of tropes, I adore this little detective team and the mystery their attempting to solve together. I feel a special connection to the lead little girl as we shared several things in common together. I also really like the ED! This is definitely one of the stronger shorts of the season and if you like detectives you’ll probably enjoy this seven minute short! I say give a try! 😀

Are you watching any shorts this season? Which would you be interested in trying if you aren’t?



Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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