My Current Escape Being “Michiko to Hatchin”

After finishing the first draft on my college research report, I found myself torn between watching today’s seasonal anime episodes and continuing on with Michiko to Hatchin. I hate it when this happens, don’t you?! XD I want to watch The Perfect Insider, but I also want to watch MICHIKO TO HATCHIN.

Screenshot (1639)

Speaking of Michiko to Hatchin, I spontaneously started watching it this past week and I’m completely in love. The setting, the diversity, the flawed, involving characters, the animation style and coloring, the soundtrack; all amazing! I’ve felt under more pressure lately due to family circumstances, college, personal matters, so discovering Michiko to Hatchin was like finding the perfect portal of escape. Just, disappearing for a few hours the past few nights has been awesome. The world of Michiko to Hatchin is very enveloping; it seems to climb off my screen and swallow me! I’ve not felt so happy and excited about an anime in a long while. So, that’s been nice! XD

Screenshot (1632)
Just, can I please jump on the bike, too? Please, please?!

Well, I’m guess I’m going to go pick something to watch and try to get the crick out of my neck from all the writing. XD How are you doing? Are you surviving school too, or life in general? What was the last anime that was your perfect portal of escape?

(Here’s the opening for Michiko to Hatchin–it’s what got me to start the show in the first place. The music and colors…just…all yes!)



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  1. kurosama238 says:

    Oh wow it looks fantastic! I’ll definitely start watching it after exams. I usually watch Gintama when I need something light and funny to get my mind off things 🙂

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    1. Jamie says:

      Definitely try it out when you have time, it’s been awesome! Oooh Gintama! I’ve only seen a few episodes of Gintama but it seems to be the most hysterical thing ever. XD It must create a nice escape! 😀

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  2. I think my last “full dive” escape would’ve been Nagi-Asu, but Michiko to Hatchin is so, so incredibly rich in diversity. It feels like someone took a poor indie film and made it into a road trip saga of escapades with no bounds! I’m surviving school so far, I think, but I’d rather be writing and watching Sora no Woto than performing dimensional analysis and calculating functions :/

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    1. Jamie says:

      Aww Nagi-Asu! ❤ LOL yes that's a great way to describe Michiko to Hatchin! XD Ugh, yes, school is not fun. *hugs* We shall survive together, bro! Keep hangin' in there. 🙂

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