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The anime Arslan Senki ended up being a major disappoint last season, but the music was a breath of fresh air to these ears. I really enjoy middle eastern music and melodies: They have an exotic sound that I absolutely love! There were several tracks from Arslan Senki that stood out to me and I’m so glad the OST is finally out so I can share them! Hopefully this is a nice change of pace for you as well as for me!

Track 21: Touhou Kouzen Emaki. I like this one; this particular theme was present in at least three different tracks on the OST, but this one felt the more unique to me! It immediately has the strong middle eastern melody and instruments present. I like that the percussion becomes a bit more noticeable in the second half, and the flute adds a really nice touch.

Track 18: Kyuuchi Gekitou Sen. Immediately this track communicates tension with the strings, and the steady notes from the brass adds a nice contrast. What’s really cool is that, during the second half, an organ joins the instruments and makes everything sound so much more monumental and grand!

Track 09: Yogore Naki Seichi He. To me, with its sweeping notes, this immediately paints great landscapes of mountain ranges and desert plains and hollow wind. I like how this track slowly mellows out as it progresses, becoming more pondering and still, as though nighttime is slowly draping the horizons. The bits of harp is especially fantastic in its subtle way!

Track 06. Freedom Beat. This track’s name is perfect; I love the percussion’s rhythms mixed with the pronounced strings and deep brass.  There is a thoughtful but hopeful tone to this piece, too, which I really enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Haha, oh Arslan, how I frown. I was too occupied with CG armies and derpy heroes let alone listening to the instrumentals around me. After you mention it, though, the soundtrack wasn’t as near as low of quality in comparison to the story and *shudders* the animation. That track 18 slipped me by, so listening to it now, I was like “Woah, this can’t be Arslan!” Another awesome Tuesday tunes, Jamie!

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    1. Jamie says:

      *grimaces* yessss Arslan was quite a let down to me. I thought the characters were terribly wasted too…and there’s a sequel coming! GAH! but THANKFULLY the music is great! XD Glad you enjoyed it, I also found it a nice surprise. 😀

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  2. ladyelasa says:

    I like these pieces a lot! I’m really interesting in seeing Arslan. I think I’m going to watch it after I finish the show I’m currently on lol.

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    1. Jamie says:

      I’m glad! I’ll be interested in what you think of Arslan; I found it had a promising start with some interesting characters…but something went wrong and it just became a struggle to watch. *cries*


    2. ladyelasa says:

      I’m nervous, but this anime is calling to me. XD It looks good.

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