Ongoing || Fall 2015 First Impressions: Part 1

School and family are keeping my brain pretty preoccupied of late, but I’m still finding the time to watch some shows this fall season, and I’m also going to find the time to talk about them too! I’ll be honest, I though this season was going to feel pretty lame in comparison to the fantastic Summer season we just had…but there’s some real winners in here!

Be sure to comment with your favorite Fall shows if you’re watching any; maybe you’re keeping one I’ve dropped and should pick up again (although I’m sorry, Concrete Revolutio fans, we just don’t click. I don’t know why. help.)
Screenshot (1675)

One Punch Man | 5 episodes in

A seemingly average guy has the power to destroy all adversaries with a single punch. He’s so overpowered that the poor man is ridiculously bored with every challenge…but the people around him certainly aren’t.

Sooo I expected this show to be over-hyped, at the least. I also expected it to be boring, because how on earth is a superhero story interesting when we know it only takes one punch to win the fight? Somehow, One Punch Man blew my doubts away in a single blow first episode XD and it continues to be the best show of the season each week, without disappointment! It’s hysterical and clever, it’s full of fantastic action and great characters: it’s just awesome. Definitely best show of the season!

Screenshot (724)

Noragami Aragoto | 6 episodes in

A sequel to Noragami

I’m ridiculously happy that I caught up with the first season of Noragami to catch this second one, because wow. This show is fantastic. Each time it airs, the show struggles with OPM to be best of the season. The Bishamon arc has been incredibly satisfying, and as fans we’ve gotten some fantastic character development and backstory revelation that makes the first season even better! DEFINITELY a must-watch show!

Screenshot (898)

Osomatsu-san | 5 episodes in

Sequel to Osomatsu-kun

This is third place on my list and I DIDN’T EVEN ORIGINALLY PLAN TO WATCH THIS. Basically, that first episode was pure parody gold and it really grabbed my attention. The show has followed it up with its screw-ball, slightly crass but completely clever comedy that I can’t get enough of (think Gintama, but with sextuplets who can’t “adult”.) I’ve really enjoyed this for not having seen the old show it’s based off of. I highly recommend you giving it a try if you skipped it. 🙂

Screenshot (1140)

Beautiful Bones | 5 episodes in

Sakurako-san loves bones…and that’s about it. But she and her young friend will help out of investigations and little mysteries because of her excellent observational skills…and maybe we’ll unravel the mystery that is her…

Sakurako-san is a female Sherlock Holmes; being a protective Holmes fan, I would be annoyed by that… except that her character is actually quite interesting and fun. XD So I find this to be a great show; the mysteries are fun to follow (though I never try to solve them) and the main cast of characters are decently engaging. Episode 2 was especially fantastic! I’d definitely recommend checking this show out if you enjoy mysteries.

Screenshot (1001)

Is the Order a Rabbit?? | 5 episodes in

Sequel to Is The Order a Rabbit?

THE CUTES MOE GIRLS GET A SEQUEL. And I’m so so thrilled! Turns out Rabbit is really easy to watch once a week, and makes one fantastic “sugar high” to say the least. Rabbit isn’t much different from its first season of cute girls working in a coffee house, although we have the benefit of built connections with the girls. Chino-chan is still my favorite of the girls though. I love my little Chino-chan. ❤

Screenshot (1085)

High School Star Musical | 5 episodes in

A boy is inspired by a mysterious dancer to join a high school for studying idols to be able to dance as beautifully.

So this is my HUGE guilty pleasure of the season. Its a pretty terrible, cheesy show, full of flat bishounens tropes and cheesy songs BUT ITS SO BAD ITS GOOD AND I LOVE IT. Its my first idol show; the drama is cheap and hysterical; the songs are a hoot; and I have the hugest, silliest crush on the mysterious quiet Purple Haired Guy. XD But ya’all don’t need to bother with this one unless you want something over-dramatic and stupid to laugh at. But it still manages to be in my top six shows just from entertainment standards alone. 😛

Note: I have already discussed the shorts of the season here, so they won’t be re-ranked with the full length shows till the end of the season.

These are my top six shows of the season; what fall shows are you enjoying right now? I can’t wait to keep covering more of my favorites in Part 2!



Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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