Nagi no Asakura || Tuesday Tunes



I don’t know what’s more wrong: how absolutely stunning this soundtrack is, or the fact that I’ve only seen the first five episodes of this clearly beautiful show?!!?!?! I think I’ll claim worst sin of the year. XD I desperately need to come back and finish this gorgeous show, but for now I have the music, well, a single track in particular to treasure instead!

Soshite ai De: When I first heard this song, my mind was blown; like, splat on my skull, you guys. This piece is so many things! So delicate yet powerful; it’s very airy yet it brings in such an earthy base; it’s so wistful yet so content. The tinkling piano, the assortment of strings, the static, the soft female vocals; it’s perfect. I immediately see a rain shower in a cheery tree grove; in the middle, I can hear the rain gradually drive the blossoms to the ground to spiral on the surface of puddles as the shower becomes a storm. This piece transports me completely and I love it every time!

I still need to give the rest of the soundtrack a listen too; I’ve been completely content with this track alone, which is an incredible feat. XD Aaaandddd I really need to go finish the show sometime. That’s a promise guys!

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  1. Nagi-Asu + Tuesday Tunes = Winning

    I’m so glad you’re watching this show – Nagi Asu is a gem, a real beauty! And you chose such a great song OMG 😀 “Cry for the Moon” and “Solitude” from the first soundtrack on YouTube were my absolute favorites, though it’s all so so good! Give “Solitude” if you like the cold underwater aura, which especially potent in the second half. Oh I know what’s in store for you, it’s so great :3

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    1. Jamie says:

      I’m SO GOING TO HAVE TO CHECK OUT “SOLITUDE”, THANK YOU. Omg yes i’ve been talking about getting back to this show for months, I need to take the plunge soon!!! XD

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  2. ladyelasa says:

    I love this piece. It’s so pretty. ^ ^

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