Favorite 2015 OPs and EDs!


Before 2016 marches too much further, I gotta wrap up 215! It’s no secret I absolutely love watching openings and endings of each new anime and finding new favorites that can both capture the show’s atmosphere and energy and yet be a completely beautiful experience all on it’s own between the song and the animation. I’ve figure out my most favorite 11 openings and endings of 2015 and have them ranked in order of my favorites for you below! Enjoy!

11. “Esoragoto Spiral” ft. in Mikagura School Suite ED

It took me forever to finding the fourth ending of Mikagura School Suite and I absolutely love it’s sound. Very jazzy and spirited, it makes up for the fairly plain visuals big time! (Mikagura School Suite was a spring anime.)

 10. no title ft. in Concrete Revolutio ED

This is one of my favorite endings simply because THERE ARE NO LYRICS. It’s completely instrumental. I would love to see more instrumental pieces used like this in the future, quite honestly! The guitars do all the singing needed! (Concrete Revolutio was a fall anime.)

9. “Hey Kids” ft. in Noragami Aragoto OP

I recently discussed in my favorite fall openings post; due it surpassing the infamous opening of the first season in my opinion, I’ve let this one climb into my favorites! But I definitely think of this now when I think “Noragami”. (Noragami Aragoto was a fall anime.)

8. “L.L.L.” ft. in Overlord ED

I fell in LOVE with this ending at first sight. Fiery drive, fantastic female vocals, interesting use of English lyrics, and STUNNING artwork create this fantastic ending. I absolutely love everything about it! (Overlord was summer anime.)

7. “Inner Urge” ft. in Shimoneta ED

Oh goodness, this is only here BECAUSE I CAN’T GET IT OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND. I’ve never heard a more addicting and fun ending. I was singing it for weeks at a time. I can’t really recommend the anime XD but I can recommend giving the ED a listen too. XD (Shimoneta was a summer anime.)

6. “Yake Ochinai Tsubasa” ft. in Charlotte ED

MY EARS. THE FEELS. THE VISUALS. I love this ending so much. It just takes me to another world. End of story. ❤ (Charlotte was a summer anime.)

5.”Back in Black” ft. in Ninja Slayer From Animation OP

I didn’t watch most of the short, Ninja Slayer, but I still haven’t stopped listening to its epic opening. I didn’t even bother trying to find the visuals themselves, since the song is the only thing I love. This is definitely one of very best that came out 2015 to me and is my fourth favorite opening of the entire year. (Ninja Slayer was a spring/summer anime.) 

4. “Spice” ft. in Food Wars ED

Spice is my favorite ending song of 2015. It was the perfect cool-off song after each heated and adventurous Food Wars episode. It ultimately became a very comforting song in my head and I listened to it a lot over the show’s six month air time. Personally it just gives me the happy feels. XD (Food Wars was a spring/summer anime.)

 3. “TALKING” ft. in The Perfect Insider OP

THE PERFECTION. This is the perfect opening for a psychological mystery, as the modern dancing and crazy visuals perfectly capture the three main characters and their minds! The visuals are perfectly in-sync with the driving, addictive song “Talking”. Hands down one of my favorite openings of all time! (The Perfect Insider was a fall show.)

2. “Renegade” ft. in Gangsta OP

I flipping loved Gangsta’s opening, guys. Flipping loved it. It was mature and funky, running perfectly with the addicting, completely sic song “Renegade”. From the first note I heard, I knew this would be second only to my number one choice of the year. (You can read my prediction here. XD) (Gangsta’ was a summer anime.)

1. “Flyers” ft. in Death Parade OP

Since the moment I first saw last January, I knew I would not hear or seeing a more misleading, more addictively fun, or more enjoyable opening in 2015 than Death Parade’s. And it is still my favorite OP of 2015 twelve months later. The Bradio’s “Flyers” is lively and soulful, and the visuals is creates a COMPLETELY misleading look at the world of its characters, who are having the absolute time of their lives. What I would give to go live in that OP for the rest of my life. Oh wait…. 😉 *high fives with everyone who’s seen Death Parade.* 😛 (Death Parade was a winter anime.)

What were your favorite openings and endings of 2015?


10 Comments Add yours

  1. insightblue says:

    Great choices!

    Have you seen the OP for Dimension W? It’s by the same people that did the Gangsta OP. Very cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you!
      and YES I HAVE, I LOVE IT!! It’s currently my favorite opening this season, followed by Shouwa’s opening. XD Glad you like it too! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

    2. insightblue says:

      Yeah, I was iffy about the show, but I saw the OP and I was like…done. I’ll watch it now lol.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Jamie says:

      LOL! I wasn’t very sure on it either but the third episode sold me on it. XD And yes, the OP is one of the best parts!


  2. Spice and Charlotte’s ED, NICE choices! I also loved Sound! Euphonium’s OP, Arslan’s first ED “Lapis Lazuli,” and all of FSN UBW’s songs, specifically “Brave Shine,” the second ending 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      I totally need to go listen to Brave Shine! Arslan’s first OP and ED nearly made my list, they’d be in the teens if I’d made the list that long because THEY WERE WONDERFUL! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. shiroyuni says:

    Renegade was kind of a no brainer, though I would put Noragami’s one at a higher position :p but great choices! It really shows how much anime you have watched xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      LOL Renegade is awesome! And yes, Noragami’s OP is great! 😀 Thank you, and yep, I watched a lot of anime this year, it was a blast! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Kai says:

    I definitely like the Noragami Aragoto’s OP from this list, even the visual is spot-on though. Asterisk’s ED is pretty good too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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