Wolf Children || Tuesday Tunes


I have one track for today, but it’s a good one. Wolf Children is a gorgeous story of motherhood told through fantasy and realism and a must watch film. Today I’m sharing the most memorable track of the entire film, at least the most memorable for me.

Ki Toki To – Yonhon Ashi no Odori. There is no other word to describe this piece but pure joy. The strings fly and the piano triumphantly plays waterfalls up and down the scale. The flutes and harp literally create the sound of the wind in your ears. And the symbols give the magic an extra umph! I can almost see the wolf children and their mother joyously fly down the side of the snowy mountains, eating up the ground in happiness. This is the sound of sentiment and adrenaline, but most of all, the sound of joy.



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  1. The absolute joy and thrill of a mother spending time with her kids in nature. The most memorable scene from that splendid film. Thanks for sharing more Tuesday Tunes!!!

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    1. Jamie says:

      That track alone makes me want to rewatch the entire movie!! Such gold! And awwww you’re welcome, thank you for commenting! 😀

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  2. ladyelasa says:

    Aw I love this piece! It almost made my eyes water. I love this film so much!


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    1. Jamie says:

      Awwwwwwwwwww! ❤ Yes, it's so emotionally powerful!! And yes, SUCH A GREAT MOVIE. ❤

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