Wolf Children P2 || Tuesday Tunes

I just wrote about this for my best friend’s blog, and I’m stealing it back again since I missed yesterday. XD But for real, how did I miss this track the first listen through?!
Oyosute Aina. This second piece isn’t as spirited and galloping as the last track I shared. Yet it certainly doesn’t lack emotion in the least bit. A steady ticking like a clock keeps tempo as the piano enthusiastically, yet gently, trickles up and down the scale. A soft guitar and intriguing vocals join in, creating a warm, gentle ambiance. It nearly conjures the images of summer and wafting curtains in the kitchen. At moments the song is almost loud with excitement before mellowing out again. To me, this track’s emotion, or sound, is hope. The tension of hope, the joy of hope, the peace in hope. and the expectation of hope. All in all, it’s a truly peaceful track.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ladyelasa says:

    Aw this piece is so sweet! I love it. ^ ^


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  2. Arria Cross says:

    Aaaaaw. Beautiful. Love it!

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