Ongoing || Winter 2016 Impressions: Part 1

About time I did this, isn’t it. XD Here we go!

ERASED | 8 episodes in

This is my favorite so far of the season because of its extremely strong, focused plot of altering the past the save the future, backed by beautiful characters and thrilling suspense! The last wee’s episode legit broke me into tears because I related too well with one character in particular. So the fact that it moved me that emotionally has basically cemented it into best show of the season. Unless it has a crappy ending. Please, God, don’t let it have a crappy ending. So far, it’s a must-watch for all!

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu | 8 episodes in

IT’S A JOSEI. FINALLY. A NEW ANIME FOR MY OWN DEMOGRAPHIC. AND IT’S AMAZING. *fangirl explosion over* What a fantastic period drama this is though; it’s a quiet show but it feels so real and the characters give such story-telling performances that it feels quite monumental by the end of each episode. Lead character is especially memorable and well-voiced! I’ve absolutely adored this show since it started and it gets better each week!

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash | 8 episodes in

Wow, this show surprised me. It felt a little like SAO, but the characters weren’t overpowered and danger full of real suspense as they battled goblins. I fell in love with this show firstly for it’s animation, character designs, and simplistic, enchanting backgrounds. But since then the story and characters have very sweetly and sadly developed. And now I’m quite invested. My only fear is that it will have a rushed ending. Time will tell; but so far, wow, what a wonderful surprise!

Konosuba God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World | 8 episodes in

Oh how fun this show is. Fun. Fun. Fun. Can I say fun again? Yes? Yay! IT’S SO FUN. It took a few episodes to figure out its stride, but once it did, Konosuba has been nothing but an enjoyable FUN comedy. A NEET who dies and is transported to live in an alternate world where he can carry out simple quests, begrudingly with the female teammates who join him. At the result is just FUN. XD Also the character animation and design has resulted in some of the cutest facial expressions ever.

Myriad Colors Phantom World | 9 episodes in

Originally I had this very on my list, but since the start of the season Konosuba and Grimgar have surpassed it. It’s still a very enjoyable show, following KyoAni animated students capturing strangely bizarre but always intriguing fantasy creatures called phantoms. The animations is GOREGOUS, being KyoAni of course. However the episodes being fairly stand-alone has a slightly-less impact than, say, Grimgar. However, it has a very charming atmosphere to it and its characters and there have been some very memorable, unique episodes so far; so still very worth the watch for me!


Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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