It’s been awhile! I took a few months off from this blog and I thought before I come back I’d give you all a life update in case you don’t follow my personal blog.

anime art

I finished my college math course this past semester with an A, of which I’m very proud of. I worked very hard for that A considering math is my arch nemesis. Math is my kryptonite. BUT I CONQUERED IT. 😛 But that was all very time consuming. On top of that, I was bicycling and bus hopping to get to school a couple times a week. It was very adventurous. I meet strange and beautiful people. And a car nearly pancake flattened me in an intersection but outside of some mental trauma and a couple big bruises, the bike and I were actually ok. So yeah, that was my life last semester! XD

Then I took a vacation days after finals were over. I flew to meet and stay with my best friend for a week and half across the United States. We’ve been close for awhile, especially thanks to anime. He’s the original culprit that got me into anime in the first place. 😉 So it was awesome getting to be with him in person. We watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure together after I spent the winter and spring months devouring the series to catch up. That was just a blast–that show is in my top ten anime for sure! We watched lots of anime and swam and hung out and it was just wonderful. I came home June 1st.

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Life has been mad since getting home due to dealing with military trauma with my younger sister. I’m just this past few days am starting to catch my breath before the next two upcoming weeks hit me full throttle. I did manage to attend the Phoenix ComiCon though: brought home five new anime posters, including one of Joseph Jostar, Chino from Is The Order A Rabbit, One Punch Man, and new Kuroko no Basket and Free poster, because I love sports anime and those bishies are my weakness. XD Oh, and I found a One-Punch Man shirt that was super epic. XD

I have managed to keep up with the spring anime however, despite my lack of blogging about it. Just today I’ve nearly accomplished catching up on all the important shows to me. I looked ahead at the coming summer shows and am feeling excited about many of them! I hope to blog more during this summer as time permits!

I hope you all have been doing well! I wish I could have kept up with everyone’s blogs, but I dropped all blog reading across the board. Hopefully I can read more this summer as well as write more. ❤ But that’s what’s up with me! What’s up with you? ❤

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  1. It’s so nice to hear from you again, especially after my own couple-week-long absence! But what a couple of traumatic weeks you’ve had recently! I thought I had it bad by just being too lazy to write, but your excuses are pretty legit. Congrats on an A in math of any kind — The higher the level, the harder it is to achieve such a rank. Flying over to meet with your anime buddy must’ve been a load of fun, too! While I don’t have anyone like that, my siblings are always around to be bugged by my musings, heh heh. I’ve also been watching the spring anime, but just not blogging about them. Can’t wait for the summer season and, more importantly, to talk about more Food Wars with you! 😀


    1. Jamie says:

      Hi!!!! Omg I was so happy to read your comment! I missed you!

      LOL. It has been traumatic to say the least, but I’m surviving! XD Everything and nothing seems to be happening at once, and that doesn’t make sense, but that’s what it feels like. So I thought when it feels like nothing, I should try anime blogging again, because I miss it! But hey, don’t ever feel bad for taking blogging breaks, no matter the reason! Sometimes you just gotta, and that’s chill! 😀 ❤
      LOL about siblings! My sister sits wide-eyed listening to me describe certain shows; she thinks its so weird.ROFL!
      and OMG. I'M SO EXCITED FOR FOOD WARS. GAAAH!!!!! Was it really already a year ago that it first came out?! Crazy!! XD Can't wait to scream about it together! 😉


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    2. When you’re five days late … XD
      Everything and nothing, what an accurate way to put things. All I wanna do is watch😛
      It has been so much better now that you’re around, though~!


    3. Jamie says:

      AWWW that’s so sweet! It is more fun when you’re not alone or with someone who gets you though, however that works! ❤

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  2. YahariBento says:

    You are back, @Jamie! I always read posts in WordPress feed but no any post from you, so I think you are on vacation.
    Anyway, I’m glad you return and congratulations about your great result in math!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Awww hi, yes I’m back! Yes, your gut was right, I was out of state for almost two weeks. Thank you for the sweet welcome back!


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