Ongoing || Spring 2016 Reactions: Part 1

The Spring 2016 season is nearly over; show are beginning to wrap up now. I’ve dropped some shows as time has gone by, but these are the ones I hope to finish within the next two weeks. I’ll be trying out a different format to discuss shows this season; I’ll be covering them alphabetically instead of from most favorite to least favorite. Just to try being different. XD

Spring 2016 line 1
This is screencapped from my list from Anime-Planet, with my episode count and current star rating for each show listed.

And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?

or Net Girl, as I’ve been referring to it. I’m actually still behind this show, and of all the shows I might let this one go. I love anything with gaming mixed with real life, but so far the show’s kinda meandered in places I’m less invested in. However Ako and “Rusian” are an adorable couple, so my soft spot of moe girls and romance is keeping me from tossing this show altogether.


NOW THIS IS A MOE SHOW I ENJOY. Moe girls are generally clumsy, but this show actually capitalizing on how klutzy and unlucky its characters are. It’s the whole point of the show, and it’s wonderfully adorable and funny. The show gives me a weekly dose of happy; the girls are so moe blob, yet somehow they’re more memorable than usual and totally darling. To me, for the fluffy show which it’s trying to be, I think it’s excellent and I absolutely love it! ❤

Assassination Classroom Season 2.

I’ve not been a fan of AssClass’s first season (I actually managed to sum up my issues with it tho) but I decided to stick out the second season to get Koro Sensei’s back story and just to say that I saw the series. I’m currently not enjoying the journey but I’m gonna stick it out for the last couple episodes.

Bongou Stray Dogs.

So this show didn’t grip me till I watched a video about all the authors whom the characters were parodied off of. I wish I could find that video so I could share it. Overall this show is pretty good; I’m not terribly invested but I love detectives, so I’m kinda tied there. Plus the character designs are actually interesting and different from the typical hair cuts and clothes. So, yep. XD

Flying Witch.

Now this show I truly enjoy for what it is! It’s Kiki’s Delivery Service meets Non Non Biyori’s country life meets slice-of-life genre. It’s the story of a young witch settling into a country town with her non-witch cousins. This show has grown on me as the season past; I fell behind but found that it marathoned really well! The characters are very charming, while the fantasy elements are used lightly and appropriately. It has a cute, light sense of humor too. There’s just a sense of comfort for me in this show; maybe because the setting reminds me of the country town of my best friend. But overall, it’s a very endearing slice-of-life and I’ve enjoyed it!

Sakamoto Desu Ga?

I LOVE THIS COMEDY. If JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was not airing now, it’d be my most favorite show of the season. It’s absurd but that’s the delicious point; its hysterical and over the top. It’s about the coolest of the cool, Sakamoto, whom even the “cool” senpais watch with envy and intrigue. It’s an outrageous school life comedy, but that’s why it’s awesome. If you’re not watching this, give it a try for sure!

Thus ends Part 1 of my watch list. Are you watching any of these shows? What’s your favorite Sakamoto-kun moment (you’ve GOTTA BE WATCHING SAKAMOTO, RIGHT?) Did you try out Flying Witch or Stray Dogs?


*not my gifs


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  1. I must be in the second wave because I actually didn’t watch any of these. Whoops, awaiting part 2!

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    1. Jamie says:


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    2. OMG that show looked so damn funny (it actually reminded me of my brother). I didn’t plan on watching it, but if that’s your recommendation, then consider added to my watch soon list!

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    3. Jamie says:

      Yay!!! Oh I’m glad! It’s my favorite from the whole season for sure. XD Let me know what you think whenever you watch it!

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