Ongoing || Spring 2016 Reactions: Final Part

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Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World-. This anime has been…different; good; intriguing even. And it’s continuing into the summer season, so I’m really just half way through this story. Quite honestly, those first three or four episodes have been my favorite part of the show; and so far the last few episodes, though really good, are just different from what I originally expected. But don’t get me wrong, this is still one of the stronger shows of this season and the concept–if the character is killed off, he has to start the story over from Point A or however you want to put it–is really awesome!

Shounen Maid. This is show I’m not even sure how to describe but I strangely enjoy this show. It’s forgettable when I’m not actually watching it, but I have enjoyed it. I like have a lead young male character for once instead of a moe girl, despite my great love for moe girls. It’s nice to have a show not take place in school but focus more on a this makeshift family of friends and eccentric uncle and butler and cats….and yeah I don’t know. It’s cute and funny and enjoyable for what it is.

Space Patrol Luluco. This short I’ve lost interest in but I’m still half-watching it. XD It’s not super memorable but I’ve seen way worse shorts too. Plus it has a great ED song that absolutely adore. There was also some references to Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia.

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. THIS SHOW. THIS SHOW IS FANTASTIC. This is one is pure gold and I’m not actually sure how many people are watching it! But it’s a brilliant comedy that plays off the listless Tanaka-kun and his endearing friend Ohta. I’ve not seen a show quite like this before; it has a unique sense of humor and is very relaxing without actually turning into a snooze fest. It took a me a few episodes to get into it, but it’s only progressively gotten more enjoyable with each episode. I think it’s quite brilliant so I definitely recommend giving this little slice-of-life comedy a try!

The Lost Village. I just saw the finale for this show the other night; and I’m satisfied! It was a pretty decent mystery, a lot of fun characters, psychological monsters literally running a muck, and heartbreaking back stories: all good stuff! I actually quite enjoyed this mystery. It wasn’t phenomenal or anything, but it was good and definitely one of the better shows! At least it kept my interest and I stayed invested in the characters, which is a lot more than shows like Hero and Net Girl could do.

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou. Now this is my favorite short of the season. It’s actually so enjoyable that the low quality art is very forgivable. The son of a restaurant owner starts his DJ career, using what he’s learned through food to enter the music world. The lead character is actually incredibly likable and the music used is pretty fun! I’m always surprised by this show; definitely one of the more memorable shorts out there that I’ve seen!

I’ve stalled a couple shows which includes High School Fleet, Joker Game, and Bakuon. And I watched and finished the shounen-ai show Super Lovers, which ended up being pretty trashy, LOL. But overall, these last few posts are my overall reactions of the spring season! What’s your favorite show this season? Dropped any shows you thought you’d love; read about any shows you want to actually pick up? (For me, it’s Kiznaiver.) Hope you’re looking forward to the summer season!


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  1. Ruki says:

    I totally agree with you on Tanaka-kun. Definitely one of my favourites this season. Mayoiga, on the other hand, was pure disappointment from the first episode for me. And it appears to have gotten even worse.


  2. The Lost Village pulled through? Well, I ought to be booting that up and finishing it then! Tanaka-kun was literally the only other show I was considering watching from day one, yet hesitated due to having to juggle too many titles (cause for me, 4 is ‘too many’). Luluco was also up there on the watch next list, mainly because of Trigger.


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