Spring 2016 Favorite OPs


I’m including a lot of openings because I JUST COULDN’T NOT INCLUDE SOME. The top three alone are all so good it’s hard even ranking them. XD

Honorable Mention: KumaMiko. I love everything about this show, so of course this is in the honorable mentions. XD The singer’s voice is a little more… real? There’s just a authentic sound to this song that I really appreciate. There’s a comforting, nostalgic, nearly sad atmosphere that I just really like. It’s different! And that moment at 41 seconds: SO FREAKING CUTE.

Honorable Mention: Flying Witch. It actually took a few listen throughs for me to realize I enjoyed this song! It’s one of my favorites now; the rhythm along with the clapping just makes it fun to listen along to.

Because JoJo Is Special: Diamond is Unbreakable. Didn’t want to try ranking this one because it’s a JoJo opening so of course it’s awesome, so I’m just giving it it’s own spot here in the middle. Compared to other JoJo openings, it’s actually animated very differently in so many ways. However, it’s still pretty fun in its own way! I absolutely love the song, especially how it opens, and all the characters. This version of the opening actually kept one character’s stand a secret until it was revealed in the show, which was super appreciated! XD

Third Place: Re Zero. Dang this song. I just love how it opens; that pulsing beat! The opening’s animation also really capture’s our main characters struggle with time and the different “versions” of himself. It’s just a really great opening that I always enjoyed listening to throughout the season!

Second Place: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. No exaggeration, I get literal chills crawling over my skin when I watch this. It really reminds me of Attack on Titan’s opening with the amount of sheer epicness and heartache seeping through. This is one of these “perfect” openings where the song correlates perfectly with the animation it’s paired with, from orchestra to the vocals to the deep percussion and dubstep. Just, ugh, the chills!!!!

First Place: Sakamoto Desu Ga? Since this is a favorites list, while Sakamoto’s visuals might be subpar in comparison to Kabaneri’s, I get so much freaking joy out of this song that it just has to be number one for me. This song just fits the character Sakamoto so well; grander than life, elegant one moment than rousing rock the next…it makes you want to dance and grin! The hype level is just ridiculous. XD I absolutely love it!!


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    But Kabaneri, hells yeah! It’s my favorite OP of the season, too, and heck, I’d even consider it Egoist’s best work to date. It’s just so bone-chillingly eerie and EPIC at the same time. Awesome list! Do you plan to do the EDs as well?

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    1. Jamie says:

      IKR Sakamoto’s is just awesome. XD
      BUT YES. KABANERI. IT’S JUST SO GOOD. A basic instant classic!
      And yes, I’ve already written that post up and scheduled it for next Tuesday. To try to help me get back into posting Tuesday Tunes. I’m listening to anime soundtracks again and I miss sharing them. So OPs and EDs are great way to get back into that!! 😀

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