Spring 2016 Favorite EDs



It was kind of a blah season for enjoyable endings for me (last season was so bad that I never even made a Winter 2016 EDs list!) Certain songs took quite a few listen-throughs for me to even like them, of those that I was listening to, there weren’t many. However, there were just enough favorites worth sharing that I’ve decided to write this up! 🙂

Honorable Mention: Tanaka-kun is Listless. It wasn’t until mid-season that I realized that I actually liked this song. It was cute and kinda catchy; there was enough energy in it’s beat that helped me feel alive again. LOL I mean, Tanaka is a fantastic anime and I highly recommend it, but due to it’s gentle pace and lazy main character, you just want to be listless afterwards. So this song is a nice way to re-energize you after each episode.

Honorable Mention: Stray Dogs. This is actually a last minute add on because I only really noticed it the last few weeks for a very special personal reason, so I’m including it just because I can. 😉

Third Place: Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear. I actually didn’t like this the first few episodes! But it grew on me, and now whenever I hear it I’m singing along as well as I can and chair dancing. It’s actually pretty unique to most ending songs, and I love that the voice actors lend their voices to their characters as they move around video game style.

Second Place: Space Patrol Luluco. I love this singer’s voice; she has a very sensual, soft voice that I just love. This song stole my attention the first time I heard it, and I always watch the credits of this short just to hear it again. It’s also pretty fun to see cut out of the characters in real life settings. This was one of two endings that I heard and loved immediately to, by the way. Isn’t that sad? But anywho….definitely love this ending!

First Place: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. Due to this arc being set in the 90s, the show’s ending actual features an English song from 90s, “I Want You.” I loved it immediately upon watching it, along with the visuals. It sounds and screams JoJo! I mean, come on, its a throwback to when Jojo’s ending was “Walk Like an Egyptian”. By a long shot, this is my favorite ending and I’ve listened to it constantly since episode one! I will be really sad if it’s retired for a different ending in the next season.


Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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