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I’m finally getting around to sharing some eyecatch collection of the last few seasons! They were pretty scarce lately, but I at last have enough for a post!

Fall 2015

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Anti-Magic had some beautiful eyecatches that ranged from playful to darkly serious. The color palettes ranged to express these too feelings, with pastels for happier ones, and darker colors with more striking kanji for the serious eyecatches.

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EDIT: I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO INCLUDE STARMYU. That was such a fun trashy idol show full of very handsome overdramatic bishounens and I loved the heck out of it. XD But oh be still my heart. These were some of my favorite moments during the show: simply screen capping these beautiful. Purple-Haired Dude is my bae, btw. He was my desktop wallaper for a long time. XD

One-Punch Man also had super fun eyecatches that were completely animated, generally of a superhero punching in the title. I don’t have any gifs of them, but I remember them being pretty awesome.

Winter 2016

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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, also being one of the most beautiful shows from the Winter season of 2016, has some gorgeous eyecatches. Look at this art! The general theme showcased profile shots of the characters, with lots of fresh light beams and pastels. They’re simply stunning!

The eyecatches from Myriad Color Phantom World, which were pixel silhouettes of characters, is worth mentioning as well!

Spring 2016

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AHHHHH my favorite, KumaMiko! We got TWO eyecatches per episode for this show and they capture the lovableness of the show. They often feature the characters engaging in a topic or activity which the story focused on. I’ll be running these photos next as my laptop’s background theme.

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Bonus: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable is still airing into the summer season, but I still want to share it’s rad eyecatches. Each one is a silhouette of a Stand Master, with their Stand in full color. JoJo has done this theme for eyecatches for a few seasons now, so they is standard, but still awesome.

Which are your favorite?


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  1. That Grimgar art, mMmmmm that’s poster-worthy stuff. Thanks for sharing! It really makes me want to watch it!


    1. Jamie says:

      IKR. UGH Grimgar was a visual feast, the entire show!!

      Liked by 1 person

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