15 Favorite Songs From Anime

I’m enthusiastically “borrowing” this post idea from LitaKino because it was so fun to read and the two of us actually shared several favorite songs!

So, was quite a fun list for me to create. 😀 These are the songs I can listen to again and again; or have a little extra meaning to me personally. It is pretty loosely ranked tho, and entries are chosen based purely on their merit as a song. This is not a “favorite OPs/EDs” type list, as there are actually several entries included from anime which I’ve not even seen! XD Enjoy, and be sure to chime in if we share a favorite!

15. “Totoro Theme” from My Neighbor Totoro

This is one of the very first songs from an anime I heard that I vividly remembered afterward. It stuck in my head in an annoying loop; I still find myself humming it while fetching the mail. It has such a bittersweet taste to it. It brings all the emotions back again. And this being my favorite Ghibli/anime film, that’s not a bad thing at all! “And you’ll be with Totoro, Tororo. Totoro, Totoro.”

14. “If It Shines” from Your Lie in April

This anime has the honor of being one of the first three anime which got me adjusted to subbed anime. I remember that this opening really really stood out at the series beginning. It’s stirring and passionate and beautiful. I love the vocals too. It’s hard to stop humming along once I get going. 😀

13.  “Spice” from Food Wars

Haha, of course “Spice” is on here! This is my comfort song! It’s so relaxing while still being upbeat and memorable. The melody has become one of my mantras when I need to relax or calm down, or feel cheery again. ❤

12. “Only My Railgun” from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

Holy crap, this song. While I’ve not seen the anime, and I have no memory as to how I found it, I STILL LOVE it. Its beat has such a drive and I can’t resist falling in sync with it (you’ll notice that pattern repeating below lol.) This is also one of those songs that loops INCREDIBLY well. I love a good song that can loop infinitely without loosing a beat, and this song fits that bill perfectly.

11. “Night of Fire” from Initial D

I feel like this what adrenaline would sound like if it was music. I know almost nothing about Initial D except that it’s a car racing anime (and it looks pretty cool from the clips above.) But I do absolutely love this featured song. Again, it just has that crazy, driving beat that I absolutely love. It’s a complete hype song, a summer night song.

10. “Back in Black” from Ninja Slayer From Animation

DANG I love this song. I never finished the short it came from, but this song is totally sick in every amazing way possible. I’ve listened to it so much I have just about every beat and melody memorized. I also love that the lyrics are English, because even though it doesn’t always make sense, I can really sing along. It’s so much more fun when you can sing because that’s how you can really let loose. 😉

9. “Uninstall” from Bokurano

What I love best about this opening is how melancholic it sounds. I’ve not seen this anime either, but funny story how I discovered the song. I was watching Every Anime Opening Has Running and was hearing bits of each opening as they went. The clip they took from this Bokurano  stuck out for some reason: it captured my attention immediately.  I took about twenty minutes to figure out where the song came from because of those few seconds. Weird, right? XD

8. “My Truth” from Your Lie in April

*shivers.* This is the only song in Japanese in which I can “fluently” sing about 85 to 90 percent of the lyrics. I listened to it on repeat all last year; after finding myself actually memorizing the sounds of the syllables, I found this video to really learn them. The song is almost hypnotic; it’s so fluid, between the electric keyboard and violin. It’s just too beautiful and heartbreaking not to love.

7. “One Reason” from Deadman Wonderland

Now I actually HAVE seen Deadman Wonderland, it was one of the first anime I streamed over Netflix. The best part was literally this song. The anger and longing in the chorus actually clicked with a zombie novel I wanted to write. So I listened to this on repeat during many writing sessions. It’s just rough and loud and almost animalistic. Tell me you don’t see a zombie survival story when you hear that song? 😛 I have a lot of heartstrings tied to this song just for those reasons.

6. “Aqua Terrarium” from Nagi no Asukara

There’s a real “underwater” quality to this song that fits the show to perfection. I’ve not finished this anime but I’m fully intending to this summer. However the first few episodes I saw was enough to sell me on its ending song. It captured me immediately and hasn’t let go since. And when “Spice” can’t calm me down, I know this song always can. ❤

5. “Renegade” from Gangsta.

This is still one of the most rad anime openings I’ve ever seen and Renegade is one of my favorite songs of all time. Of all the songs in this list that feature a strong driving beat, this is my very favorite because of it’s brilliant mixture of rock and EDM. Of all the “hype” songs above, this is my very favorite.

4. “Splash” from Free!

There are few words. I was won by the first fifteen seconds and I haven’t stopped loving it since.

3. “Flyers” from Death Parade

Yes, I’m still raving about Death Parade’s opening 18 months later. The brass, the bass, the percussion, the jazzy vocals; it’s just too much awesome. And unlike its anime, there’s such a upbeat, intoxicating emotion in its melody. You’re pulled in immediately and you just want to dance!

2. “Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen” from Paranoia Agent

I’ve yet to see Paranoia Agent, so it might seem weird that its bizarre opening (which I have seen–yikes) is my second favorite anime song. Very much like Deadman Wonderland’s opening, this song really struck a huge chord in me as a writer. It ended up bringing a breakthrough, and I wrote almost 40000 words to it. Plus, it repeated easily, and was strange and intoxicating. It also helped bring me closer one of my favorite composers, Susumu Hirasawa. I have gained a lot because of this song. ❤

1. “Forces” from Berserk

Oh wow, another song by Susumu Hirasawa is in number one, big surprise, right? XD Firstly, as a Berserk fan, I adore this. XD But I was lucky to hear and fall in love with it before watching the series. Theunique instruments, pounding beat, and crooning vocal of Hirasawa himself really stole my heart. There’s just so much emotion in this song. And it just got better after watching Berserk. If I had to listen to one song on the verge of a battle, it’d be this song. Its truly the ultimate hype song. Don’t argue with those cymbals and bass drums, people. How can any other song top it? 🙂 ❤


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  1. LitaKino says:

    WAHHHHHH I loved your list, Spice from food wars has such a nice melody and love listening to feel calm 🙂
    Again your list a few songs I love like the nagi no asukara ending theme, deadman wonderland:D

    Wonderful List 😀


    1. Jamie says:

      Awww thank you so much! I had so much fun making it!!
      and yes, Deadman Wonderland is so awesome. XD
      Thank you so much! ❤


  2. These are also some really nice summer songs! It already feels like a decade since I heard “Spice,” so that was nice to relisten to. Same with “Splash!” The Nagi Asu team did an incredible job matching the moods of each OP/ED with the content. As for Railgun, AHH, one of my favorite franchises and shows to listen from! BTW, the band is “Fripside” while the song is “Only My Railgun.” I only know this cause I’ve dipped around in the RailDex franchise for some time now 😀


    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you for the awesome comment! And thank you about Railgun, I’ll fix that! I need to watch the series, it seems awesome just from the opening alone!!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ladyelasa says:

    Aw I love the Totoro theme song. Some of my favorite anime pieces are Guren no Yumia from Attack on Titan, My Dearest from Guilty Crown, and Crossing Fields from Sword Art Online. ^ ^



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