Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace || Tuesday Tunes


Don’t you love a good mystery theme? Aired during 2015, “Game of Laplace” featured a OST that was a few strokes different from what I normally hear in anime. It was a wonderful change of pace in instrument usage and rhythm and atmosphere!

Track 07: lyanayokan. Now this is soundtrack to a mystery show if ever there was one. The violin is reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes instrument and is incredibly present in this particular track. I also love the bits of saxophone, xylophone, guitar. But that sweet violin.

Track 13: Mendo Na Yatsu. The electric guitar though. This is a playful track, with a yummy use of xylophones and select wind instruments. But that guitar twang, though. Love it.

Track 10: Akeshi Tanteijimusho. This piece is much more a piece of mystery, where you almost puzzle over the mystery of melody itself before it begins to pull itself together. The saxophone are such a fun touch especially. I hear a question mark when I listen to this piece, which I think is very appropriate for a mystery show. XD



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  1. LitaKino says:

    I just had a listen to these myself and very very interesting sounds. I couldn’t finish this anime at the time even I was excited for this series.


  2. Ooh, it’s Tuesday Tunes!! I skipped out on Ranpo Kitan, but these are some quality tracks. Especially those first two, they are brimming with mystery, muahaha! What anime could you compare this one to? I’ve always been curious about this one.


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