The Boy and the Beast P1 || Tuesday Tunes

Just like Wolf Children’s soundtrack gave its film that extra spark, the same composer brings that same spark to The Boy and the Beast. There’s so much good music I want to share that I’ll be doing it in parts: there’s so much to savor and enjoy!

The Beast Festivities. With a word like “Festivities” in the title, you know it’s going to be great. This track actually is reminiscent of wild west “ride ’em, Cowboy” kind of music; just galloping away! The horns, the percussion, the sound of almost tap-dancing, the roller coaster of strings. Then about 2 minutes in, we get a grand-sounding procession of brass and a romping end.

Pupil. Just wow. So peaceful, so sweet. It’s rare for me to find relaxing music that I just adore or that stirs my soul like this one does. It’s also purely done in harp and it’s just gorgeous. It’s like a summer night’s breeze.

A Child Full of Life. This a favorite track of mine because Dear Lord, listen to that. I love the sweeping emotion filled wonder as it translates at 1:03 for a more playful vibe that smoothly translates. The cello and bass around 1:40 brings a sweet richness to the song’s texture. And then it all melds together before it’s soft finale.


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  1. ladyelasa says:

    I love this soundtrack! Gosh I have to watch this movie. XD


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