Moe of Spring 2016


I am a sucker for those big-eyed moe girls. Plain and simple. XD and there were several from the spring season that totally stole my heart. ❤

Machi from Kuma Miko

I loved this show despite the controversy around it; Machi and her bear friend brought me such joy every week. Machi especially was adorable. Somehow, her crybaby tendency and naivety never actually bothered me that much. I loved how childlike she truly was. She was just stupid adorable and I grew to look forward to seeing her every week. ❤

Chinatsu from Flying Witch

Flying Witch surprised me by being one of the very best of last season; no doubt for its wonderful use of magic and completely lovable characters. I really grew to love Chinatsu; her enthusiasm for learning and how she interacted with the older cast of characters was terribly endearing. She also made some of the best facial expressions. ❤

Miyano from Tanaka-Kun is always Listless

Of course, Tanka-kun is one of the strongest and best shows from last season thanks to its really lovable cast and how they played off each other. The complete opposite of Tanaka’s lazy spirit, little Miyano was life’s enthusiasm incarnate. Cute, bouncy, super short, loyal,  and that cry of “SHISHO!” to Tanaka: ugh, just so so cute!

Hanaka from Anne-Happy

Anne-Happy was brilliant due to the fact that it played up classic moe quirks to the extreme. My favorite of the girls was the EVER-POSITIVE Hanaka. Literally, nothing seemed to get her down, despite having the most terrible luck. No cute moe pouts from this girl, she was just too chirpy and positive. Combined with her moments of sober determination and adoration for her friends and animals (who always attacked), Hanaka brought me a lot of moe joy as being the sweetest happiest moe girl in the history of ever.

Mumei from Kabenari of the Iron Fortress

Let’s not deny that Mumei was the cutest thing ever by Kabenari’s ending. I won’t go into what I liked or didn’t like about this show; I’ll just say that Mumei slowly grew on me over the season. She was incredibly well animated and received some of the cutest expressions during the show’s finale. That gave her the edge to be included in this list.


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