Tuesday Tunes || Assorted Vol 2


What’s better than going over one soundtrack? Going over multiple soundtracks of course! I couldn’t single out just one OST today so I decided it was time to do another collection edition!

Mai Otone: The Town, The Wonderful Encounter. To start us off is this very RPG-remniscient track from Mai Otone. It’s a very cheery and peaceful track; I love the bits of flute and violin throughout!

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic: Enfin Apparu. The YouTube title isn’t far off call this one of the greatest battle soundtracks of all time. Wow. The ferocity and drive is fantastic, and that electic guitar totally sold the song to me. I would totally go into battle to this.

K : Shiro 2. To mellow us out again for a bit, here’s one of my favorite tracks from K Project! I love the piano, beat track, and airy keyboard work together. The guitar melody also has a very soothing sound to it. I enjoy this track as it’s calming but still upbeat enough to keep me from falling asleep.

Noragami Aragoto: Let’s Rumble. YASS, NORAGAMI ARAGOTO! One of the best shounen anime out there, with definitely one of the best soundtracks!  I always get pumped listening to it’s electronic music!

Hayate the Combat Butler: Soso. To finish us off on a playful note, we have a dream-like track with music boxes, blissful violins, cymbols and rivers of harps. You can almost see wind-up toys and fluffy clouds float by as you listen!



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  1. SW says:

    Ooo this place looks so cool. Awesome job with the layout Jamie.

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