Favorite 2016 OPs and EDs

While creating this list, I had the awful realization that there were very few memorable endings, compared to what was in 2015. But at least there were several fantastic openings! So let’s just dive in and enjoy! (and if you‘re wondering where I’ve been, go read this on my personal blog. Basically, I’ve been busy long distance dating another otaku, my very best friend James! He even distracted me over skype while editing this post. XD)

Because JoJo is Special: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable OP1 and ED.

I never try ranking JoJo songs, they’re just too special, so I’m just leaving this here at the top. XD To me it’s one of the best endings of the whole year and my favorite of the 3 openings it had. I’m not even going to rank these just to let other songs have their chance. XD But I freaking loved the ED the moment I heard it and kept it on repeat for about nine months solid. XD

12. “Seisū 3 no Nijō” ft. in Occultic;Nine OP

While I’m not crazy about the song itself, I adore the visual aesthetic of the opening! There is so much visual detail as the frames fly past, it’s hard to absorb it all. I loved soaking it in each week, and noticing how creepy some frames really were!

11. “Coolest” ft. in Sakamoto Desu Ga OP

I’m sorry, this is still one of the greatest things ever. The show might have lost it’s charm at the end of it’s 12 episodes, but I still really enjoyed all the laughs I got from it. This OP perfectly depicts the man of the hour, the most ridiculous, most “cool” high schooler ever, Sakamoto-kun.  It’s grand and powerful and larger than life, while featuring simple colors and Sakamoto playing a broom guitar. XD It’s just awesome.

10. ” 99″ ft. in Mob Psycho 100 OP

Definitely one of the most visually engaging openings of the year, Mob Psycho 100 packs tons of glimpses into it’ crazy world in a colorful almost drug-induced dream and it’s awesome. XD I didn’t listen to this very much on it’s own, but it was fantastic to watch every single episode!

9. “Gospel Of The Throttle 狂奔REMIX ver.” ft in Drifters OP

I really love the graphics in this opening!! The colors and 3D elements look so awesome and sharp in contrast to pencil animation. The song rocks and I absolutely LOVE how everyone is singing along as the OP rolls.

8. “Genesis” ft. in Dimension W OP

So I never finished this show, it lost my interest big time. But. BUT. THIS OPENING SONG. It’s absolutely glorious. I can’t get enough of it. It’s fast, pounding, electro in the best possible way. (If you remember 2015’s Gangsta., this group provided their flipping awesome opening as well, “Renegade.”) There are some memorable moments from the OP montage too, like the goofy dancing, the car scene, and the blade hurling at the end. But the song itself is what makes it take an edge over “Mob” and “Drifters”. It’s a song that has stuck with me after a full year. That says something.

7. “Signal” ft. in 91 Days OP

I was telling James the other day about how much I liked this opening but didn’t know why. It’s not like 91 Days (don’t get me wrong, it was a great show!) was one of my most favorite shows of the season or something. But then during a final watch, I realized the reason why I love this OP. The grief of our MC, who we see clutching a gun and flashing back to his family’s murder, is perfectly captured in the voice of our singer. I can actually hear the clenched heartbreak and grief, which I don’t generally correlate between shows and their OPs most of the time.

6. “Pipo Password” ft. in Uchuu Patrol Luluco ED

While sixth place feels high for this ED, I have a hard time putting the songs above over this one because I FLIPPING LOVE THE SONG AND ARTIST SO MUCH. I listened to this ED so much this year because I couldn’t get enough of it! So so sexy and soft and beautiful! ❤

5. “Inferno” ft. in Berserk 2016 OP

(Alert: OP will show spoilers for original Berserk series.) As a Berserk fan, I almost passed out when I first watched this OP because it captures in a minute and 30 seconds the original series and it was insane seeing unforgettable characters and scenes recaptured to an amazing song. Also, this was the only part of the who new season of Berserk that looked decent; if only the whole show had been animated like this; it would have been awesome!

4. “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.” ft. in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress OP

I recently saw some hate for this OP and I was like, “how?” I literally get chills every time I sit through it and get to the end. No joke. That’s why it’s so high. Even if the show ended up being one of the most disappointing of the last year, it had a killer opening with stunning synched imagery with sound. And it gives me chills. every. gosh. darn. time.

3. “Usurai Shinjū” ft. in Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu OP

Ok first off, praise be that we finally got a really amazing josei this last year! I’m so happy that it was so accepted too, but of course it was! It was truly a masterpiece! And of course, it has a masterpiece opening!! Those warms horns, deep bass, the seductive voice, the gorgeous visuals, the utter class. Ugh, heck yes. It’s an opening that transports you!

2. “History Maker” ft. in Yuri on Ice OP

At this point due to the hype this show has gotten, I think a lot of people are finding this opening overrated. But you don’t understand, my heart was stolen by this song. I was humming it at work to feel better and I’ve loved how the animation has slowly been developed as the show progressed: color splashes, audience stands in the background, ect. Now, I’m not a die-hard YOI fan or anything, but dang this OP belongs among the best in my own book. ❤

1. “Flip Flap Flip Flap” ft. in Flip Flappers ED

Yep. This is my personal favorite of the whole year: the ending to Flip Flappers.  Those vocals though!! I love the journey the melody takes us on; the intrigue and anxiety in the first half, followed by the joyful “flip flap flip flap” during the second half. Plus, the super duper cute animations of my precious little daughters (I will freaking own Flip Flappers one day just to say I adopted them.) Between the melody and the beautiful intricate artwork, this one claims the spot as my favorite! ❤

So these were my personal favorites!! What was your favorite opening or ending of the year? ❤


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  1. WOOHOO Jamie is back with the jams! My thoughts on each one?

    Occultic;Nine – I’m a huge fan of the Science Adventure Series, so despite this just being made by the same creators yet not a part of the series, I’ll definitely have to give it a watch sometime. Dang, those background patterns are so vivid and rapid!

    Dimension W – WHAT A THROWBACK, this song is. Oh how I remember being disappointed more and more as the show went along as a simulcast 😛 but you’re right, the opening was a standout feature even if the rest was very lackluster.

    Space Patrol Luluco – Uf, soft and sexy is the way to go with Luluco’s ED–love the contrast between that and the loud concept. The opening also stood out to me. Check out a piano arrangement of the OP if you have the time–super peppy stuff~!

    Kabaneri – If I had a dime for everytime I rocked out to Egoist, I’d have enough to buy every album they’ve ever done so I could just rock out some more. Chilling is the best way to describe it for sure–the haunting deep blues and violets right before the chorus explodes “KOU-TETS NO KA-BAN-ER-I” blends it all in perfectly. You’re right about the end episodes being a bit disappointing, though.

    Yuri!!! On ICE – Despite the popular choice swaying towards “We were born to make history” chorus lyrics, my favorite part still remains the very beginning “Can you hear, my heart beat?” I still slip on socks and glide around my kitchen floor whenever I hit up this beat. ^.^

    It’s nice to see you compile some sort of year-in review–and with music, GAH, you know the way to my heart~!


    1. Jamie says:

      AWWWW ROFL!! I’m so happy to be back!!
      DUDE i highly recommend Occultic;Nine!! I was really surprised! It stayed very interesting and characters that seemed “stupid” or fanservicy ended up tying in and it was so awesome! ^_^
      YAS you remember Dimension W’s OP!! Glad you agree it fell apart at the end tho LOL.
      Totally need to find that OP cover for Luluco!!!!!!
      KABANERI WAS JUST SO AWESOME THO WASN’T IT?!?!?!?!? LIKE AJSKDLFAJSKLDFJ. I wish it hadn’t disappointed tho >.<
      ROFL about sliding around on the kitchen floor XD That song just takes one to special heights tho!! ^_^ ❤
      and aww thank you! I'm going to try to talk about my favorite shows of 2016 too….at some point. XD
      I love your comments, thanks for the super long one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. No problema Jamie, it helps that you’re so fun to talk to!! And YESS, I’ll definitely hop aboard Occultic;Nine whenever I get around to Chaos;Child since they are in sister franchises. Looking forward to whatever you have to say!! ^.^

      Liked by 1 person

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