About Blog

This blog’s purpose is to serve as a place for me write about the different parts of anime for the enjoyment of myself and other anime fans from all walks of life! I write reviews for seasonal and past anime shows, I highlight anime music weekly, I review anime films, and I share my perspectives on the otaku culture or certain aspect of an anime that might have stood out to me. (If you’re looking for my star rating system with their definitions, it’s below!)

I run several blog post series here each week! Every other weekend, I put the spotlight on an anime film in my series A Weekend Flick! I feature an anime original soundtrack on Tuesday Tunes, with three to four of my favorite tracks highlighted. I write random impressions of different old shows I view as I’m able to watch them–this it the Currently Watching post series. I also write short impressions of the seasonal shows I attempt to keep up with, and this post series is usually called Ongoing.

A Weekend Flick Samples:

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time || The Secret World of Arrietty || Ponyo

Tuesday Tune Samples:

Magic Kaito 1412 || Leapt Through Time || Kara No Kyokai

Eventually, as I watch more, l’ll start ranking different types of anime and discussing characters. I hope to form a collection of posts that will be aimed for beginners to start their anime journey off right with as few bumps as possible. I also want to start cataloging my favorite anime women who are dimensional and excellent role models.

Ultimately, I hope this blog will appeal to readers who’ve just discovered anime and long-time fans alike!

My Star Rating System:

5 Stars (Loved it/It Was Amazing!)

4.5 Stars (Really enjoyed it/Great!)

4 Stars (Enjoyed it/Good!)

3.5 Stars (Liked it/Very Decent!)

3 Stars (Average at Best/Decent)

2.5 Stars (Nearly liked it/Meh)

2 Stars (Not Very Good/Blah)

1.5 Stars (Bad/Belch)

1 Star (Why Did I Watch This Entire Thing?)

0.5 of a Star (I hope I never have to use this.)


*screencap from the anime Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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